Playing and learning

Inspired by the Montessori principals of education, this product is not only designed to be used as children’s furniture but to encourage kids to express emotions, participate with the design process from an early age and learn practical life skills.

Creative expression and tactile stimulation are very important for cognitive and physical development of a child. Creachair is a children’s chair which will help them develop creativity and imagination. A unique play buddy!

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Practical life skills

This Creachair will help your child learn real life skills like: handling a zipper, lacing and tying, ordering push buttons and fastening with velcro.

Clever and responsible

The materials and finish used to make Creachair are of premium quality and designed to be environmentally friendly and sustainable. All parts are non-toxic and created with guidance of the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

The stool is made with wood and it does not contain any metal parts. It is flat packed and easily assembled without any tools. Designed for kids of age 3+

Useful and supportive

Creachair will be very usefull even when not played with! Ergonomically supporting kids (and adults) of various ages. Carefully designed, measured and shaped, it will be a favorite piece of furniture.